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Consumer vulnerability explained

Girl at supermarket, looking at food on shelves
©Viktor Cap, iStockphoto

European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers

June 2016


How do you make the results of a study on consumer vulnerability understandable?


Create an interactive infographic that gives users the freedom to explore the findings.

Consumer vulnerability, a complex concept, but one that it is essential to understand to make good consumer policy. The European Commission wanted to make the findings of their study on what makes consumers vulnerable more accessible to a specialist and more generalist audience. The best way to do that: create an interactive infographic in 23 languages that presents key results and lets users explore data at their own pace. 

Tipik’s infographic walks users through the factors driving consumer vulnerability and identifies what makes consumers vulnerable. The interactive nature of the product means that users can select the data they are most interested in and choose the findings they wish to explore in more detail. This makes it an excellent format for a complex study, with a lot of data and a variety of audiences. The infographic is one of four produced to showcase the results of a series of European Commission studies on consumer behaviour.