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©, Michaël R. Roskam

Brussels Regional Informatics Centre –

March 2018


How do create an effective online presence for all the audio-visual support on offer in Brussels?


With effective theming, excellent site architecture and top-end design. the place for audio-visual professionals in Brussels to get funding, partners, advice on locations and help growing their business. There is something for everyone working in the industry, from scriptwriters to distributors. The organisation needed a new website that reflected its desire to offer a one-stop shop online to people working in film, television and games in the capital. A place they could find information on all the types of support available to them. They turned to Tipik.

Our IT team produced a user-friendly site grouping services by need and showcasing the support on offer. Thorough theming, detailed wireframes, stand-out design and faultless programming in Drupal 7 created a site fit for an industry focused on visuals.

Technical aspects: Drupal 7, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Social Media aggregator, PHP, MySQL.