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European Commission

March 2022


How to keep up with ever-increasing expectations around digital events?


By creating a one-stop-shop platform adaptable to multiple formats.

Online, hybrid, interactive, multi-country, multi-everything – we have come a long way since the early days of the pandemic, when online events were seen as little more than a band-aid.

Today, event organisers embrace digital experiences to reach bigger, more diverse audiences, create new forms of interaction, and facilitate engagement before, during and after the event.

Online events à la carte

To help our clients make the most of these opportunities, Tipik developed a dedicated digital event platform. It enables full customisation for each event while offering a standard set of features to get diverse, high-quality digital formats off the ground quickly.

These include

  • GDPR-compliant registration
  • Fully integrated interactivity
  • Livestreaming of multiple parallel sessions
  • an agenda giving direct access to streamed and recorded content as well as speakers’ bios, and
  • a web interface adapted to each individual event.

The platform is based on an open-source content management system and uses the latest tools to guarantee a highly secure experience.

Our digital platform has already been successfully deployed for several high-level events including the SEMIC 2021 conference, and most recently the European Anti-Racism Summit 2022.


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