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Driving data interoperability

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European Commission, Directorate-General for Informatics (ISA² programme).

June 2018


How do you help experts get the most out of a meeting on data interoperability?


Organise an international conference with a back-to back workshop to learn from best practices.

If big data is the future, interoperability is key to making use of it, particularly for public administrations. Being able to access, exchange and interlink data is potentially of great benefit to society. People and businesses don’t have to provide the same information twice and data collected could be used for large-scale data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, opening up opportunities across Europe.

Our events team brought 230 policy makers, IT practitioners and researchers together in Sofia at SEMIC 2018 to look into linking digital public administrations and discuss current trends in semantic interoperability. 54 of the participants took part in a practical workshop the following day at the Bulgarian e-government Agency to learn from each other’s experiences.

Tipik staff worked across two venues for two hosts, organising travel, accommodation, web streaming, interpretation and the speaker’s dinner. And our designers back at the office created the visual identity for the 8th edition of this annual event. It’s the fifth time we’ve organised this event, taking it to Athens, Riga, Rome and Malta along the way.