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Marine observation goes virtual

Tipik’s team in Ostend for the EMODnet 2021 Open Conference © Tipik
© Tipik

European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers on behalf of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

June 2021


How do we bring a digital event on marine data collection to life?


By turning it into an immersive 3D experience.

There’s no green growth without blue growth for Europe – the sustainable development of the marine and maritime sectors. Collecting and analysing marine data is a key part of this process.

The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) wanted to bring together partners, data providers and users for a 4-day event in June 2021 to better integrate the data being collected across Europe and beyond.

In the midst of the pandemic, this meant creating an online experience that would help participants engage with this common project – and with each other!

Diving into cyberspace

Tipik helped the network deliver a two-part event (an open conference followed by two days of workshops) bringing diverse audiences together in a cutting-edge virtual setting.

The most innovative part of the online setup was a virtual exhibition showcasing EMODnet’s various activities and thematics. We collected a wealth of data from videos over maps to use cases and infographics. Tipik’s team worked with partners to deliver a 3D exhibition space with a maritime feel, even including a sea-view terrace!

We provided hands-on support to the EMODnet team before, during and after the event. Key tasks involved

  • Managing participant registrations and requests,
  • Creating and updating the web platform,
  • Prepping speakers & star moderator Paul Rose, and
  • Providing on-site technical and audiovisual support at EMODnet’s Ostend HQ during the conference.

More than 500 experts registered for the conference, and a survey carried out following the event showed the overwhelming majority was very happy with the outcomes and experience.

The result of our joint efforts: a more closely connected marine data community.