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Man and woman disagreeing
@Pexels / Vera Arsic

Publications Office of the EU

March 2022


Burning questions about the nature of things?


We put them to an expert to tackle them once and for all.

Can a shock turn your hair grey overnight? Is civilisation about to collapse? Can you die of a broken heart?

Questions like these have kept many a pub conversation going, with often strong opinions on both sides of the argument and no ready answer to be found on Google.

The EU is now setting out to separate fact from fiction. The new ‘Ask an expert’ feature on its CORDIS information portal dedicated to EU-supported research provides a scientific perspective on hotly debated issues.

Framing the question

Tipik’s editorial team is in charge of selecting questions, interviewing experts and drafting articles setting out the main aspects of the argument for a broad audience.

‘Ask an expert’ stories do not provide simplistic ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers: they define the issues at stake, explain the science at work and provide conclusive evidence to settle accurately framed questions.

Also watch out for some interesting trivia: do you know why some scholars have labelled 536 CE as the “worst year in history to be alive” for instance?

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