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Tipik's cookies policy

Cookie types

We use cookies to make sure our website works properly on the devices you use to access it. A cookie is a small piece of data that is downloaded to your device when you visit a site. It allows the site to remember your preferences and actions over a period of time. These files do not identify you personally. There are many different types of cookies:

  • Cookies needed to make sure the site works properly (to identify you as a unique user for example).
  • Cookies to improve the function of the site (to remember pages you have already accessed, or your password for example).

Tipik's use of cookies

We make limited use of cookies. Our site uses only one type of cookies:

  • Three cookies needed to make sure the site works properly while you are connected (to maintain your connection, for example). These are temporary cookies deleted after 24 hours and contain no personal information about you. They are 'First party' cookies, i.e. cookies designed by Tipik.
  • We don't use analytical tracking.
  • We don't use cookies for social media.


We do not request your consent for the cookies needed to make sure the site works properly (this is not required under EU law).

Removing cookies

You can set your browser to refuse cookies and you can also delete cookies from past visits online whenever you like. Check out your browser user manual for more information on how to do this.


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