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Analysing the impact of digital tools on company law

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European Commission, Directorate-General Justice and Consumers

January 2017


How do you assess the impact of digital tools on company law?


Through extensive interviews and desk research led by lawyers

Tipik’s legal expertise extends beyond the analysis of legislation. When the European Commission wanted an assessment of the impact of digital tools on cross-border company operations in the EU it turned to lawyers. Our team took on data collection, carrying out extensive phone interviews with stakeholders such as companies, associations and trade unions as well as desk research.  

We worked at national level across 14 Member States, looking closely at the impact of digital tools on company registration, the filing and disclosure of company information, the dissolution of companies as well as mergers.

The data collected was pulled together in a wider study produced by our partners designed to help the Commission:

  • assess the impact of these tools
  • identify existing good practices or measures used to address adverse impacts
  • propose new measures at EU level to counter problems resulting from the use of digital tools.