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International Product Safety Week 2020

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European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers

November 2020


How do you get full advantage from an established event, online for the first time, bringing together experts from over 70 countries?


A carefully organised hybrid digital event pulling together discussions on the full range of issues allows participants to engage freely, sharing ideas and experiences, releasing synergies and creative thinking.

Enlivened and energised

A four-day physical event was originally planned. This was completely transformed into three lively and fast-paced 3-hour sessions involving more than 20 speakers. The event has a loyal following of safety experts from around the world who gather to discuss and find responses to global product safety challenges.

The new format immediately enlivened the whole event with the participants newly energised and motivated.

Keenly focused and rewarding sessions

Participants agreed that the content was totally relevant and could be put to immediate use in their work. The choice of platform brought out the best in the A-list speakers, enhancing focus.   

For our client, the switch from a physical to an online event was a huge success — 91% of respondents said they were looking forward to the next edition in 2022.